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The Lavender Friends Club is a group of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered
and those in friendship who reside in beautiful Sun City Lincoln Hills, California


Sun Senior News Article

July 2018

By Sandi Dolbee

Yes, it’s true. Lavender Friends has gone to the dogs. In fact, many club members do this every Saturday, weather permitting. They arrive, leashes in hand, unload their canine companions and set off.

Sheila Rose, pushing a stroller with her beloved Dreamy Rose (the 12-year-old pug has hip problems), started the club’s dog walks “forever ago.” The activity lagged after awhile, until Denise Webfield jump-started it about three years ago. Denise is walking Sofee, a Havanese, and like several others in the bunch is a rescue dog (it’s up for grabs about who rescued whom).

Some of our Lavender Friends members and their pooches after walking at Angler”s Cove.

The dogs on this particular morning range in size from Skylar, a Miniature Schnauzer who is 15 inches long, to Leila, a greyhound mix who stands about five feet when she jumps up. “They call her the big dog,” says Joan Lacktis about Leila. “It’s good for her self-image.”

Along the path, the conversations range from advice on getting a new kitchen countertop to an upcoming picnic. But ask them why they have dogs and their answers are strikingly similar.

“They love you unconditionally,” says Meredith Nelson, who is two-timing it with Badger and Milo connected to coupled leashes.

“She’s my best friend,” says Lynde Rammelsberg, Skylar’s Mom.

And it’s good exercise. Just look at Murphy, a healthy-looking doxie who is tugging along Michelle Poirier. “He’s a handful,” she laughs.

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